Jan 30 2012

Wah-hoo! What a Day!

Well yesterday turned into a fantastic day for a ride and 16 folks came out to enjoy the day. The faster longer crowd got all they wanted with a suprise visit from 007 Colorado and Dave Tichenor and a new joinee Wayne Steed took his turns at the front. I’m sure the guys will welcome him along anytime.* The sorta-fast/not-as-long crowd welcomed Tony – your outdoor lighting and irrigation specialist – back from a long hiatus and David’s friend Paul jumped back on his bike after an extended time off. [He may be feeling it today:-(]. As usual, temperatures never seem to bother Dick as he rode out in shorts and a long sleeved jersey – no gloves either? Champ showed strong in his latest rehab assignment beating most of us who didn’t have out knee replaced 10 weeks ago. Hahaha. Last (as usual) the neither especailly fast nor long crowd featured Leslie, Lindsey, Marc from CA and Ingrid (for her 3rd ride in 3 weeks. [Don’t worry, Mac’s part of this last crowd too]. Noticably absent were Stoney, Pete and Trey. Aside from a smaller-than-average group for the post ride lies and libations it was truly a great day to live in Franklin, TN. Peace-

* Yeah, sorry Jay and Jeff you guys get all the post ride press.

Left to right: Wayne, Tichenor, 007 Colorado, Ingrid, Paul, Tony, Dick, Leslie, Champ, Jay, Lindsey, Jeff, Marc and David. Mac took the picture to protect 007’s camera.


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