Feb 06 2012

What a Sunday Ride – 24 (962 ft) or 46 (1844 ft)? Take Your Pick!

Well, it started out innocently enough. We rolled out nice and easy with a plan to let it fly once we got to Carters Creek. We had a large group of 15 and the prospect of getting shelled off the back once we made that right turn onto Carters was very real indeed. I slid my way up to the front and hit the gas. I did my pull, eased out to the side and had happy thoughts of not having to hit the front again for at least 20 minutes. WRONG! The group had already blown up and was getting thinner by the minute. I dropped back to check on grupetto and when I looked up again, it was a long thin line with a red blinkie every now and then. We caught back on and regrouped at Bear Creek and Bailey. (See last week’s photo).

The longer/faster guys had gone down to Perkins again and we waited until we could see them to pedal away, “See ya at Puckett’s”. We did a not-so-quick regroup there and the group was again split in two: 007, Jay, Jeff and Cliff headed south towards Hester Beasley as the rest of us took the long way home up over MacMillan to Boxley Valley and Boayd Mill. I led the charge for the Westhaven hill with David close behind, but Trey was ready for us and as we passed him he jumped and beat us to the top. It was a solid effort, coming from 100+ feet back, but not enough. Maybe next week. We hit the 24 mile mark just as we rolled into Mickey Roo’s.

Next in was Cliff, who flatted somewhere out there and decided to take a more “direct” route to Mickey Roo’s. We got him a glass.

In the end, the faster/longer guys did about 46 miles and some outrageous amount of climbing. The sun never really showed and it never really warmed up any, but it was Super Bowl Sunday and any time you can ride outdoors in February is a good time. Peace-

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