Mar 07 2013

Mac’s Harpeth Bikes Leg Stretcher Challenge – 100km/100mi

So the weather is finally going to change in our favor and provide a terrific opportunity to put in some real miles. In recognition of this rite of spring, we will host a ride this Saturday, March 9, 2013. The Leg Stretcher Challenge is an opportunity to put in as many miles as you want without ever wandering too far away. We will provide complete support for each leg with a fully stocked rest stop and SAG support if necessary. Here’s the deal:

MHB has mapped out a 21 mile loop over roads most everyone is familiar with. Think River Landing>Cottonwood>Del Rio>etc. The detailed map can be found on or at Mac’s Harpeth Bikes Facebook page- check EVENTS. You can ride as many or as few loops as you want to reach your mileage goal. And we have Exit Strategies in place if you decide you’re done and it’s Happy Hour.

We are also going to have some prizes to give away. Each loop gains you an entry. Details below.

The loop starts at the shop, exits the parking lot and turns right up Hillsboro Road. We’ll turn left at S. Berry’s Chapel and then wander along our usual Tuesday night loop through River Landing, Cottonwood and then out and around Cotton/Del Rio/Carlisle/Hwy 96 and back up Old Charlotte. You get the idea. After each loop, swing through the back of the shop and fill your bottles, grab a snack and a few more riding partners and head back out. Repeat as needed.

Once through, we’ll have the tent set up with a grill and a cooler to let you to re-hydrate and cool down properly. Now this is a freebie so I’ve got the rest stop goodies covered. And a cooler full of ice. What goes into the cooler is up to you. Same with the grill. We’ve got some brats we’re going to throw on and some veggies (shhhh, don’t let Don know) but that’s about it. Bring something down and we’ll turn it into a proper social/cycling outing. Pretty much like everything we do around here.

Now don’t get all worked up. This isn’t a hammer-fest unless YOU want it to be. This can be a Long-Slow-Day building base miles. An interval day back and forth on Del Rio. Or a chance to enjoy the sunshine and weather in the mid-60’s. It’s your call. We just want you to have a great time on your bike.

Oh yeah, the prizes. You get one entry for showing up and doing your first loop. Wear your MHB jersey and get another entry. Do one more loop, get another. You get the idea. We’ve got socks, arm warmers, bar tape (with install), lights, etc. We’ll add more depending on how many folks participate.

SO wrapping this all up; we going to support you this Saturday for as many miles as you want to ride. You ride at your speed and have fun. When it’s all over and everyone is relaxing out back, we’ll have some laughs and our drawing. Pretty simple. If I missed anything, call me and I’ll fill you in.

Hope to see you Saturday morning!


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